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About Kiddiengineer

A South African-developed extramural program has been successfully implemented across various schools for a span of seven years. Originating from a fervent dedication to empower students aged 10 and above with essential 22nd-century skills, the initiative has evolved into a comprehensive program accessible both in-person at schools and online throughout South Africa. This extramural is specifically designed to equip individuals and educational institutions with STREAM-focused subjects, including coding, robotics, and engineering. It emphasizes fostering problem-solving abilities, teamwork dynamics, and computational thinking.

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we strategically diversified our approach to delivering Kiddiengineer. Initially leveraging live streaming for our classes, we subsequently developed a robust online platform, providing students the flexibility to engage in our courses at their convenience, using any device and from any location.

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Our Current Programs

With 5 years of experience in offering this extramural, we can proudly say our offering is changing children's views on their futures. 



Our exciting Kiddiengineer™ Club is in its 7th year (including CoVid). As we grow from strength to strength we currently offer face-to-face lessons as extra murals at schools. If your school is interested in offering our program to your students please contact us.


Online Learning Platform

Bringing the fantastic Kiddiengineer Extra Mural Club ONLINE, You can do a module a term and complete our first year's modules 1a, 1b and 1c. We deliver the hardware for each module to you anywhere in South Africa. This allows for anytime, anywhere learning.

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Teacher Training

Looking to run our programs at your school, let us train your teachers how to implement successful coding, robotics, and engineering programs.

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Our Current face-to-face Customers:


Blueberry Office Park, Apple Street, Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg.

011 068 6699

Thank you for reaching out, we will be in contact soon.

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