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Bringing the fantastic Kiddiengineer Extra Mural Club ONLINE, so we can reach more children and expose them to STREAM!

You can learn how to code this game ..... and many other cool lessons. 

With Kiddiengineer you can learn the basics of coding, robotics and engineering and advance yourself into IOT, SMART homes and Robotics. All online at your own pace and time, leave a lesson and come back right where you left off from.

Why don't you play one of the many games you can build, right now!

Do you remember the game SNAKE

Well give it a go;

Press Button A to turn left or Button B to turn right

(press A+B to reset)

Our Current Online courses:

Kiddiengineer YEAR 1 (3 Modules)

Welcome to Kiddiengineer's Year 1 online program! Get ready for an exciting adventure through our first four modules, guiding you throughout your first year in our stream program. When you enroll, you'll enjoy access to all modules for a full year – a far more comprehensive experience compared to accessing a single module for just four months.
Year 1 is all about diving into the world of Microsoft MakeCode and the BBC micro:bit, and you'll even get your hands on your very own electronics starter kit. Forget about worrying about hardware; we'll send everything you need straight to your doorstep, no matter where you are in South Africa.
Join us in celebrating one of South Africa's very own extracurricular success stories that weathered the storm of COVID. Kiddiengineer is not just about learning; it's about getting prepared for whatever your future might throw at you. Come be a part of the fun and learning – your future self will thank you!

R3,300.00 for all three modules, 1a, 1b and 1c.

R3,300.00 (all hardware sent together anywhere in South Africa).

Module 1a: Introduction to coding

Learn how to use your micro:bit (which normally comes with this course) and learn how to code using the Makecode block editor. This course can be done with or without getting your own micro:bit, currently in lock down we cannot deliver micro:bits to our clients (as soon as we can deliver we will inform you). We investigate using the Makecode platform to build some fantastic interactive programs and build on our previous knowledge from Module 1.

R485.00 (for just the course)

R1,059.00 (including hardware - shipped anywhere in SA only)

Module 1c: Introduction to Robotics (Electronics)

In this module students get hands-on experience of learning to design, build and program robots of increasing complexity. This greatly boosts students' teamwork and problem-solving abilities, while helping them to learn how abstract concepts of mathematics, engineering and computing actually work in practice. Students get to keep their own starter kit, comprising of a breadboard, LED’s, motors and servo.

R485.00 (for just the course)

R1,559.00 (including hardware - shipped anywhere in SA only)

Module 4a: Introduction to Arcade

The MakeCode Arcade editor has been designed to allow everyone, from beginners to experienced game enthusiasts, to create retro arcade games to run in the browser or on handheld consoles. It consists of drag and drop blocks that snap together to form programs. You can also write code for ARCADE in JavaScript and there is also a Python editor.

R485.00 (for just the course)

No hardware needed

Module 1: Welcome to Coding with Makecode

Our total beginner’s introduction to coding and using Makecode. Taking an open source platform for creating engaging computer science learning experiences that supports a progression path into real-world programming.

Existing users can use this course as a refresher, to remind themselves of terminology and methodology.


R600.00 if you wish to buy a micro:bit

Module 1b: Extending the micro:bit and Makecode

In this module, take your micro:bit and Makecode to the next level by learning how to use more complex features on the micro:bit, whilst doing more intricate coding in Makecode. It focuses on a lot of the sensory data and pins, like temperature, direction, acceleration and light levels, along with a few builds away from the mirco:bit using the pins.

R485.00 (for just the course)

R1,059.00 (including hardware - shipped anywhere in SA only)

Module 3: Introduction to Engineering

This module is an introduction to engineering concepts and terminology, you will have the opportunity to build inventions and build a wooden toys. It will be enhanced by using your micro:bit and inventors kits. Thereafter you will be able to create your own inventions to help solve some of our worldly problems.



Module 5a: Introduction to Coding in Minecraft

In this module, MakeCode, opens a doorway between your coding environment and the real Minecraft program. Using this access, you can write programming logic that manipulates the Minecraft world. Your code can grow flowers, make chickens rain from the sky, and build massive walls. Come learn how to take your Minecraft experiences to a whole new 'coded' level.



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