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Module 1a: Introduction to coding

Course Price

R485.00 (for just the course)

Course length

1 Term (4 months)

This course is up and running

Course Outline

Welcome to Module 1a
Lesson 1 - The Editor
Lesson 2 - Hardware
Lesson 3 - LED's
Lesson 4 - Variables
Lesson 5 - Scoreboard
Lesson 6 - Sprites
Lesson 7 - Sound
Lesson 8 - Radio

About the course

Learn how to use your micro:bit (which normally comes with this course) and learn how to code using the Makecode block editor. This course can be done with or without getting your own micro:bit, currently in lock down we cannot deliver micro:bits to our clients (as soon as we can deliver we will inform you). We investigate using the Makecode platform to build some fantastic interactive programs and build on our previous knowledge from Module 1.

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